Less than 40 people in your organisation?

Bring your team together

A strong, cohesive team is a huge benefit to anyone running an organisation.

Maybe your people are unclear about their roles.  Maybe they’re struggling to respond to changing demands. Behaviours are creeping in that don’t sit right with you.  Morale has started to slump.  Or you’re just not meeting your targets.

There’s something remarkable in having a great team supporting you.  We know how to get you there.

PuzzlePeace, puzzle piece

Together we'll

  • Work out the best way to divide all your organisation’s daily activities among your team members (including yourself)
  • Decide which activities require additional resources (such as additional staff, contractors or service providers)
  • Develop draft position descriptions for staff roles and service specifications for external providers
  • Involve your team in the process so they can understand and embrace any changes
  • Draft documentation to outline proposed and agreed changes ready for discussion with your team
  • Work through the required consultation and communication processes
  • Minimise the risks and challenges of implementing changes
  • Select existing team members for new roles
  • Recruit new staff, if required
  • Work through any necessary redeployment and redundancy processes
  • Develop plans to assist team members’ transition into their new roles
  • Engage external suppliers for outsourced roles
  • Examine all the aspects of how you’re working to understand how the combination of these creates your existing workplace culture
  • Look at whether the way you’re working supports your organisation’s goals and values
  • Develop a practical, proactive approach to developing your desired workplace culture
  • Develop a plan to clarify what needs to be done, and when and how to go about doing it
  • Keep yourself on track while you make these changes
  • And we’re happy to get stuck in and help with any of the changes if you need extra support
  • Understand where you’d like to take your organisation in the next 2 to 5 years
  • Decide who you will need to bring into your team to achieve that, what you will need them to do, and when you’re likely to need them

And you'll enjoy

An organisation that runs more smoothly and efficiently, because all your people and processes support your purpose

Time and space to focus on what brings you the most income and/or the most satisfaction ​

A team that knows what they should be doing, who they take instruction from, and who fully embrace their roles ​

A happier, more productive team who work in roles that match their strengths​

Less likelihood of performance issues as everyone is clear about the expectations of them ​

Growth in your income, now that everyone can focus on strengthening relationships with new and existing customers

Time and energy to plan your organisation’s future

A stronger organisation that’s more stable – and ready to expand

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