Part of a larger organisation?

Align it all: Culture, Structure and Change

You run a large organisation: big teams, big projects and big expectations. You're ready for a fresh perspective.

Maybe you’re new in your role and you need to clarify your team’s roles and responsibilities. You want to make sure you have the right people resources in the right places.

Maybe you’re worried about your team’s behaviour, or you know something has to change but your in-house HR team don’t have the capacity to help.

That’s where PuzzlePeace comes in.

PuzzlePeace, puzzle piece

Together we'll

Explore different ways of organising who does what

Decide who is most suitable for each role in your reorganised team

Uncover what type of experience people are having with your organisation now

Take a practical, proactive approach to fostering your desired workplace culture

Implement effective changes to your structure and culture, or any other aspect of your business

Support those who report to you when they’re new to their role or working through a difficult change

Create a strategy for the future growth of your team

And you'll benefit from

An organisation whose people and processes all work together to support its purpose

A team that knows what they should be doing, who they report to, and who are engaged in their roles

A more satisfied and effective team whose roles suit their abilities

An organisation that performs better in all ways – financial, customer satisfaction and otherwise –and runs more smoothly

Time to plan for your organisation’s future and set achievable goals

A robust, stable organisation that’s in a good position to expand

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