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Asking for help with anything that affects your people is a big leap to make.

From sole traders to large corporations, in all industries and sectors, we’ve seen many, many types of challenges, and we know what needs to come together for organisations to thrive.

Whatever solutions we recommend for you, we’ll work on them together, in a supportive and collaborative partnership.

Consider us your sounding board and your coach – we’re here to offer an ear and practical advice, but it’s your process.

PuzzlePeace, puzzle piece
Anastasia Hildred from PuzzlePeace portrait photo

Anastasia Hildred

BMS (Hons), ACA​

I’m Anastasia, the Principal Consultant at PuzzlePeace.  My special expertise is in improving  organisation culture, structure and change management, so organisations run more smoothly and are more productive.   

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked as an accountant, business manager, human resources consultant and management consultant in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Proudly raised in Taranaki, I’m the product of pragmatic Kiwi farmers and adventurous Greek seafarers, and I’ve grown to appreciate the mighty Waikato as home.

PuzzlePeace is driven by my core belief – that everyone is good at something. Great things happen when we play to our strengths, and in organisations it’s no different.

The PuzzlePeace team

Although you’ll be working with me directly, I’m supported by a team of like-minded professionals who are experts in their fields, such as employment law, recruitment, remuneration, health and safety, training, communications, and operational HR processes and systems. We work together to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

"You create space for safe exploration.
You enable others to be themselves, be brilliant,
discover and articulate what they really think, want, or could do. 
You enable new and creative possibilities."

Organisations are made up of people. And we care about them.

Culture is often a misunderstood concept, which many people find difficult to get their heads around.  And “restructuring” is a loaded term, and it’s not one anyone likes to hear.  Any change can be very unsettling if managed poorly, so it’s unsurprising that tackling these areas is not something many people are enthusiastic about. However, they’re critical to your organisation’s success.

Whatever the changes we recommend to help you, we handle them delicately and respectfully. We value everyone’s contribution and recognise what change means for you and your people, because it can be a really big deal.

And you can be sure of one thing – we’ll stick around to support and mentor you, and your team, through the whole change and implementation process.